Mother's Day & Hearing in Social Isolation Holland Doctors of Audiology

❤️ Happy Mother’s Day! ❤️

This “socially isolated” Mother’s Day there is more distance for moms from their children. Remember to consider if she has hearing difficulties. Especially through glass, with face masks and from a distance, hearing clearly can be more challenging. Raise your voice gently without yelling, be patient, face her, enunciate & speak more slowly, rephrase instead of repeating. If you are …

Tinnitus Anxiety Stress Management and Reduction

Is tinnitus better, worse or the same during this challenging time?

The American Tinnitus Association’s Spring issue on mental health offers wonderful insights and helpful advice. Timing couldn’t be better and, especially now, we can all benefit from managing stress and anxiety! Calming the mind is relevant, whether you have tinnitus or not, so please share with anyone who may be struggling during this time. Stay well. Click Here for the full …

“We are blessed to live in a wonderful community. During this difficult time, helping fight hunger and food insecurity is within our power.”– Dr. Stelios Dokianakis #StayHomeFightHunger #StayInHelpOut

Holland Doctors of Audiology Voted Best Audiologist Hearing Aid Center Offering COVID-10 Coronavirus Care Options

Offering options for hearing care with COVID-19 precautions!

We’d love to see you! Did you know that we can provide telehealth over a secure video link? All you need is a smartphone or iPad/tablet/computer! No software required; we will email you a link. HIPAA compliant and easy to use 🙂 Please remember that we are staffed 10am – 3pm but, to observe best practices, are not seeing patients …

Holland Doctors of Audiology Voted Best Hearing Protection Musicians Drummers

Drumming can damage hearing!

Congratulations Avalon School for the Arts! Your instructors set the right example for students by using musician-grade hearing protection. ~ Play loud, have fun, hear for life! ~ Professional custom filtered earplugs for musicians will save your hearing for life!

pets can help with tinnitus therapy for ringing in the ears - Holland Doctors of Audiology

Pets can help your Tinnitus Therapy!

Stella was at BestPals Animal Rescue Center for over a year. Now, she is completely devoted to her 9 year old human, who can’t imagine life without her. Even if you don’t decorate pictures you take of your pet 😉  there is no doubt that our furry friends make us feel better! Pets can not only show empathy and understand our emotions, but …

Fun Colors for Hearing Aids Holland Doctors of Audiology Voted Best Audiologist Hearing Aid Center

Hear the Love!

We can’t think of a better Valentine’s Day present than lovely pink hearing devices. 💗 Enjoy hearing the Love, Donna! 💗 ~ Happy Valentine’s Day!

Holland Doctors of Audiology Voted Best Audiologist Hearing Aid Center - Hearing Aid Repair Starkey All Makes

Repair instead of replace!

When a manufacturer says “we can’t fix it” we are happy to take on a challenge! Just a few years ago, this Starkey “Surflink” was a state-of-the art remote with bluetooth connectivity, a touchscreen, advanced hearing aid adjustments and even a wireless “zoom” microphone for better speech in noise. While obsolete by today’s standards, our patient found that “it did …