Turning Orange: Tulip Time 2019!

It’s the 90th Anniversary of Tulip Time and Holland is turning Orange! Check out orange tulips of different varieties, Dutch dancing, parades and carnival food. Our favorite is Elephant ears! What’s your favorite Tulip Time Festival memory? Let us know on our facebook page and we’ll enter you to win a set of ‘Holland Memories’ books. Enjoy Tulip Time!

Hearing Aid Batteries should be Recycled!

🌎 Happy Earth Day! How much weight is Dr. D lifting đŸ’Ș ??? Go to our facebook page www.facebook.com/HOLAUD comment with your guess and Win a Year’s worth of Batteries! We try to be mindful of the environmental impact of our actions in everything we do from bags and cups to hearing aid batteries. Our biggest effort is to collect …

Happy Easter!

This Easter Sunday, remember to consider loved ones with hearing difficulties.  Raise your voice gently without yelling, be patient, face them, enunciate & speak more slowly, rephrase instead of repeating, turn down TV/music to help them hear you more easily.  We love helping you hear better; hearing loss doesn’t have to separate us from loved ones. ~ Happy Easter!

World Voice Day 2019

April 16 is World Voice Day. Voices can make us laugh and cry. They convey not just information but also emotion: a baby’s cry, a child’s first words, songs that move us, blood curdling screams… World Voice Day celebrates the importance of Voice in our lives. “Professional Voice” makes us of think of singing. However, preachers, teachers, psychologists, politicians, actors, auctioneers, …

Holland Sentinel publishes our Letter to the Editor Regarding Dangerous Classroom Sound Levels.

To The Editor: I am writing as an audiologist and concerned parent regarding the Saugatuck Public Schools’ May 7 bond proposal. One of the proposed improvements is for the band room. With almost 100 students in band, the current band space is not just inadequate, but unsafe. The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health has established guidelines for preventing …

No More Batteries: Fuel Cell Hearing Aid from WIDEX!

The first Fuel Cell Hearing Aid: No batteries to replace or charge! This may be one of the coolest new technologies and we are excited to be first to bring it to West Michigan! This fuel cell hearing aid gets energy from a methanol cartridge. Once the methanol meets the air inside the fuel cell, electrical energy is produced to …

Mack’s Earplugs

From SnoreBlocker sleep-plugs to AirPlane pressure equalizing plugs and silicone swimplugs, we got samples of the latest and greatest Mack’s Earplugs, as well as over 200 other types! Did you know that Mack’s is based out of Warren, Michigan and distributes products worldwide? #MadeInTheUSA

Tinnitus Sound Therapy Levo

LEVO: Clinically Proven Tinnitus Management.

We are excited to be first to bring LEVO to West Michigan! This new clinically proven tinnitus sound therapy system holds great promise. Providing sounds while you sleep, the goal of LEVO is to desensitize the brain to your individual tinnitus sound!>>> Did you know that tinnitus is the #1 reported disability affecting most veterans?