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Founded in 2011, with the goal of offering specialized Audiology services, we are dedicated to providing cutting edge technology, expert advice, and clinically proven treatment options. As Board Certified Doctors of Audiology, Dr. Stelios Dokianakis and Dr. Laurie Bennett, are dedicated to your complete hearing health and will be there for your entire journey to better hearing. Our services include advanced hearing tests, digital hearing aids, tinnitus treatments, assistive listening devices, hearing protection, specialized hearing needs for musicians, and more. We invite you to contact us today to schedule a complimentary consultation.

Digital Hearing Aids in Holland, MI

We can help you find the right hearing aid for your unique hearing loss and lifestyle. Hearing aids are now very discreet and offer advanced features to provide clear speech and a natural listening experience, even in noisy environments. We are independent and utilize all hearing manufacturers, to best fit your hearing loss and specific needs.

Hearing Tests & Hearing Loss Information

If you are experiencing signs of a hearing loss, you are certainly not alone. More than 48 million American adults experience some degree of hearing impairment and wait on average 7 years before seeking treatment. With over 50 years of combined experience, our Doctors use the latest in audiological testing equipment to properly diagnose and treat your hearing difficulties.

Tinnitus Therapy & Management

Tinnitus, or ringing in the ears, can range from frustrating to debilitating. For those who experience it, the constant noise can interfere with enjoyment of many situations, causing anxiety and even depression. If you, or a loved one, are experiencing tinnitus, we are here to help with over 50 years of combined clinical experience, advanced tinnitus diagnostics, and access to all clinically proven tinnitus treatment options. From custom sound therapy signals to tinnitus management devices and retraining therapy, we offer relief for the ringing, buzzing or hissing in your ears.

Custom Products for Musicians

We understand that musicians have unique needs when it comes to hearing protection. While live music is wonderful, it can have some negative consequences for the hearing of musicians. We can provide everything from custom ear protection, ear molds, deep impressions, to professional in-ear-monitors. Protect your hearing, play better and enjoy music for many years to come.

Dr. Stelios Dokianakis, Au.D.

Dr. Stelios Dokianakis is a Licensed and Board Certified Doctor of Audiology with over 25 years of clinical and research experience. His professional interests are in the areas of tinnitus, high-frequency hearing loss, and musician’s hearing needs. Dr. Dokianakis has been awarded the “American Academy of Audiology Scholar” distinction. He leads the Holland Area American Tinnitus Association Support Group and is a Committee member of the Michigan Audiology Coalition. Dr. Dokianakis founded the practice in 2011.

Dr. Laurie Bennett, Au.D.

Dr. Laurie Bennett, is an Audiologist with over 25 years of experience in Hospital, ENT, Hearing Aid Manufacturing, University, and Non-Profit settings. She completed her undergraduate work at Iowa State University and earned a Masters in Audiology from Purdue University. After gaining many years of clinical experience, Dr. Bennett earned a Doctor of Audiology degree from the University of Florida.

Her reputation of being highly knowledgeable, skilled, and patient-focused is well earned. Many of her family members suffer from hearing problems and she has personally witnessed the communication, social and emotional consequences that hearing loss can cause.

Holland Doctors of Audiology
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You have honored us with Best of the Best awards every year since we opened! <3 The 2018 Best of the Best is open for a few more days. We hope to earn your vote again, under the Hearing Aid Center and Audiologist categories. You can vote daily until 3/22. Thank you for your support!
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Mary Ann Connolly GaskinDone best office and Au.D.

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Dave WolbertHolland Doctors of Audiology ARE "the Best of the Best " !

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Holland Concert Jazz Orchestra - Are your hearing aids ready to hear live Jazz?
The wonderful Holland Concert Jazz Orchestra will be performing on 3/29 at Park Theatre and it should be a fun concert! Did you know that some hearing devices handle live music better than others? With many, the limiting factor in enjoying live music is a limited input dynamic range. Essentially, the microphones can't handle the louder peaks of music, resulting in distortion. If live music is important to you, make sure your hearing device can handle it. If it can't, try adding 2-3 layers of scotch tape over the mics. This simple trick can reduce the clipping/distortion! Contact us, or talk to your Audiologist for more info.

For HCJO tickets click:
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Wendy ColeI see Mike Hamann in there!

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Dr. Dokianakis presents to the Kansas Hearing Society

Holland Doctors of Audiology is at Kansas Expocentre. ... See MoreSee Less

Today, Dr. Dokianakis presented an instructional course at the Kansas Hearing Society. "Talking about how we can best help patients hear better in challening acoustic enviroments is one of my favorite topics. Hearing aids and Loop systems, when done ...

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Holland Doctors of Audiology is at Kansas Expocentre.

Dr. Dokianakis presented a instructional (interactive!) course at the Kansas Hearing Society. "It was fun talking about how we can best help patients hear better in challening acoustic enviroments. Hearing aids and Loop systems, when done right, can offer an amazing hearing experience! I would like to thank Dr. Wagner and the Kansas Hearing Society for the invitation," said Dr. D.
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This NCAA March Madness we would like to recognize the first deaf player in the NBA, Lance Allred. "Born with a severe hearing loss, Lance Allred is the best example of not letting hearing loss define you," said Dr. Dokianakis. "I was lucky enough to meet this former NBA player, TEDx Star, successful author and amazing inspirational speaker. His keynote was not about basketball, but about leadership, perseverance and the singular focus on goals that leads to success. His story of personal struggles was beyond powerful. We focus on games and teams but, sometimes, it is the success story of each athlete that defines true champions."
Look for #41's books, videos and live events. You will be inspired. Thanks Lance Allred for all you have done and continue to accomplish <3
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This International Women's Day we would like to recognize a woman who changed the Audiology profession and inspired us to enjoy life to the fullest. Dr. Marion Downs started Universal Newborn Hearing Screening at a time when children were not diagnosed and fit with hearing aids until they were three years old. Going against the establishment 50 years ago, she identified hearing loss and fit infants with hearing aids. Because of her, babies born today are screened for hearing loss and early intervention is standard, preventing speech problems, language delays and other issues. Dr. Downs was a visionary and leader among her peers who advocated for the hearing impaired even at 100 years old! Her book "Shut Up and Live: A 93-year old's guide to living to a ripe old age" is a great read on a "life well lived." Dr. Dokianakis noted: "I was privileged to have known her and continue to be inspired by her. An Audiology pioneer, an amazing woman, a role-model and inspiration to all of us on how to enjoy life." #IWD2019 ... See MoreSee Less

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Thelma EstlowCongratulations...

1 week ago

Laurie Floren BennettThank you for honoring Marion Downs on International Women’s Day. She has been a huge influence in the curriculum of all Audiology programs, including Purdue where I attended in the 1980’s. At that time, early identification of hearing was just beginning to be embraced in the mainstream medical field. Marion Downs deserves the accolades she has been bestowed and much more.

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