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Loop Systems help you Hear Clearly again!

Problems understanding speech in a “live” acoustic environment? Hard sufaces and high ceilings can cause reverberation and hearing clearly can be challening. Even the best hearing devices won’t help. The answer: Hearign LOOP systems! Loop systems and telecoils can provide clear sound, free of echoes and distortion, with sound coming from the microphone system straight to your ears. Unfortunately, not …

Cognivue Test for Cognitive Decline and Hearing Holland Michigan Audiology

Catch Cognitive Decline early!

We are excited to bring you the latest clinically proven tech! Cognitive decline has a known link to many modifiable factors, including hearing decline, and early intervention leads to best outcomes. An accurate cognitive screening can help identify your cognitive performance and guide the next steps for better brain health. Our Doctors have been very impressed by this new tool! …

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Tinnitus Therapy and Pets

Pets can be helpful in tinnitus therapy: Caring for a pet and their companionship is shown to reduce stress/anxiety and improve mood. Pets not only show empathy and can understand our emotions, but also show sympathy, a desire to comfort others in emotional distress. Our experience is that ‘pet therapy’ works wonders as supplemental tinnitus therapy! Punkin Pat” was a …

Cool Otoprotective Ear Lumen (COOL) Therapy for Cisplatin-induced Hearing Loss

Cool Otoprotective Ear Lumen Therapy for Cisplatin-induced Hearing Loss

“What if listening to music with headphones that cool your ears can prevent hearing loss from chemo drugs?” Hearing loss and tinnitus from chemotherapy treatments have been a widely accepted side-effect in the battle with cancer. Drs. Crossland and Dokianakis are attending The American Academy of Audiology conference (online for 2021) and have been learning the latest in audiologic assessment, …

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Dr. D on WebMD!

We were excited to find out that Dr. Dokianakis was quoted on two WebMD articles! Congratulations for the recognition Dr. D! “Are Hearing Aids the Best Hearing Loss Treatment?”“How to Find Cheap Hearing Aids that Work!”

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Services by Board Certified Doctors of Audiology..

..with some exceptions! We can help you hear better, reduce your tinnitus, improve your sound tolerance and best protect your hearing from loud sounds. Independent and with access to all device manufacturers, we use evidence based methods to deliver the best possible results with core values for a caring patient centered approach. Now with online scheduling at holaud.online!

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Work-related hearing loss? What now?

Dr. Dokianakis, who has worked with occupational and workers’ compesation hearing loss cases for over 20 years, was recently quoted in this HealthyHearing article. Workplace hearing loss is something we take very seriously and can help you avoid it, improve your hearing, reduce tinnitus and, if applicable, help with compensation issues.

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Considering a Career in Audiology?

Love the idea of helping people hear better? OwlGuru has an amazing website for all professions and recently published Dr. Dokianakis’s perspective on the profession. If you are local and interested in Audiology (or if you are someone with hearing problems) consider applying for our Community Foundation of the Holland/Zeeland Area scholarship. If you think that helping people with hearing …