ADHEAR Update: 10 Days. 0 Problems.

ADHEAR update: “I was able to use the same adhesive pad for over 10 days!” said Dr. Dokianakis who had been using this new technology. “No irritation and I almost forgot that it was there. I was expecting 3-7 days but the pad stayed on securely for 10 days and peeled off without any discomfort or irritation.”

We are excited to be first to bring to Holland and West Michigan! Contact us if you would like to know whether ADHEAR is right for you. 

The revolutionary Med-El ADHEAR bone conduction hearing device is a new non-surgical option, primarily for Single Sided Deafness and Conductive hearing loss.

Stick. Click. Hear. Using a small adhesive pad behind the ear, you will hear better through bone conducted sound! Amazing.

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