Congratulations to Jennifer for winning our Scholarship!

Congratulations to Jennifer Franz, our latest scholarship recipient! Jennifer will be starting college to pursue a degree in Nursing.

“Until I was seven years old, I lived in an orphanage where I helped take care of special needs kids. I remember caring for a girl who was older than me but deaf and mute, and also a boy who was blind. Helping others has always been second nature to me.” A high school internship at Holland Hospital made it clear that nursing was Jennifer’s calling.

Jennifer had to overcome many obstacles to get to this point. Born in China, she came to the US as a young child and had to learn to speak English. Born without hearing in one ear [due to a condition called atresia, the absence of an ear canal] she was faced with several learning challenges that she did not allow to define her. Working harder than most students, she recently graduated Holland Christian High School and will be pursuing a career in Nursing. 👏👏👏

“It was so exciting and heartwarming to see the community joining together to support area college students pursuing their educational dreams,” said Dr. Crossland. “Jennifer’s story is amazing and inspirational. We wish her the best!”

Do you know a local student pursuing higher education in Hearing Sciences/Audiology, or with a hearing problem? Maybe they will be the next Holland Doctors of Audiology Scholarship recipient!