Hearing Protection for Saugatuck Band Students

Thank you Mr. Holtz and Saugatuck Public Schools for caring about hearing.

Drs. Dokianakis and Crossland visited Saugatuck High School, talked about hearing protection with students and looked in their ears to ensure proper earplug fittings.

Did you know that, in the general population, 1 in 10 people experiences ringing in their ears?

When we asked 7th & 8th grade SPS band students, 8-out-of-10 students reported tinnitus 😲

We are excited to fit your Hi-Fi earplugs and help you save your hearing for life!

Music-induced hearing loss and tinnitus can be prevented!

Appropriate hearing protection can keep music sounding good but maintain safe levels.

Contact us if you need to protect your hearing.