Keep your ears safe this 4th of July!

If fireworks are too loud at your location and moving away to a quieter location is not an option, here are a few suggestions.

ADULTS: pack some earplugs or earmuffs. In a pinch, rolled up kleenex “earplugs” or fingers in ears work great πŸ™‚

CHILDREN under 3 SHOULD NOT use earplugs! Instead, use small earmuffs or softband muffs for young infants. Hands over ears are always effective too! If infants or children are with you, remember that they are more sensitive to loud sounds. Best practice is to move back more if you have children with you.

Please be considerate in setting off fireworks if you have COMBAT VETERANS who live nearby. Fireworks can be a strong PTSD trigger and can also make tinnitus worse. Please ask and be respectful.

Don’t forget πŸΆπŸ±: Loud sounds and light flashes can scare our furry companions. Keep them inside with windows closed (AC on if it’s hot) and play music or have TV on to lessen the effect of the fireworks. Stay with them if you can, or leave them with a treat or toy. Avoid taking them to gatherings if you know they are sensitive to loud sounds. If you are taking an anxious dog to a party, make sure they have tags/microchip and stay close-by to calm/control them. Remember meds if your Vet has prescribed them. While dog earmuffs do exist, we find that they are not well tolerated/don’t fit well, so we can’t recommend them.

Have a fun and safe 4th of July!

⚠️Our office is closed today for the Holiday and will open again tomorrow, Friday 7/5 at 8:30am.