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Loop Systems help you Hear Clearly again!

Problems understanding speech in a “live” acoustic environment? Hard sufaces and high ceilings can cause reverberation and hearing clearly can be challening. Even the best hearing devices won’t help. The answer: Hearign LOOP systems!

Loop systems and telecoils can provide clear sound, free of echoes and distortion, with sound coming from the microphone system straight to your ears. Unfortunately, not all loop systems work optimally.

Thank you St. Francis de Sales Church for allowing us to help with your loop system. We are excited to provision your system for the best performance!

“Advocating for loops and better hearing is advocating for accessilbility and quality of life improvements. Hearing aid users are amazed at the improvement in speech understanding when using a loop system,” said Dr. Dokianakis.

Problems hearing at your place of worship or other venue? A hearing loop may be the answer!