The Snail: Origin of the word Cochlea.

Cochlea, the end-organ of hearing in the inner ear, is a word that comes from the Greek word for snail (“Κοχλίας”, kōhlias) due to its snail like shape. 
In fact, the ‘snail’ is the inspiration in the logo of, top Cochlear Implant manufacturer, Cochlear!

Excessive noise will do damage to tiny hair cells in the cochlea, causing a nerve-type hearing loss called ‘sensorineural.’

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Trivia: “Archimedes’ Cochlea” doesn’t refer to the ancient Greek mathematician/inventor’s inner ear 😄 It’s his 3rd Century BC screw-shaped invention that provides mechanical pumping of water to higher elevations, using a helical shape rotating on a shaft inside a hollow pipe.

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