Veterans Day

This Veterans Day we would like to recognize Dr. Richard Pimentel, a Vietnam Vet who changed life for all Americans with Disabilities.

Returning from Vietnam with severe tinnitus and hearing loss, Richard Pimentel found a new purpose in life: advocating on behalf of Americans with disabilities. His life story is not only inspiring because of his heroism in Vietnam but, also, for overcoming adversity and for an unwavering commitment to help those with disabilities. His amazing story was made into the movie “Music Within” starring Rod Livingston.

“It was an honor meeting Dr. Pimentel. His story is an inspiration to all of us,” said Dr. Dokianakis. As Audiologists we are honored to be able to help Veterans reduce tinnitus and hear better again.

If you are a Veteran, stop by today for a cup of coffee and some earplugs, on us. Thank you for your Service.