Whisper Hearing Aids with Brain Artificial Intelligence

Whisper hearing aids: Better hearing in noise with AI!

What if we had a really powerful computer to help us better understand speech in noise?

Hearing aids can provide amazing improvements for understanding speech in noise. Still there are limitations: increasing levels of what you want to hear can bring up sounds you don’t want to hear.

Even though digital devices have come a long way, we are still limited by the processing power that manufacturers can fit in a device small enough to fit comfortable in/over the ear.

What if we had a bigger and more powerful computer?

A California start-up called Whisper is adding an external wireless processor for a speech understanding boost!

Their devices will keep getting smarter with software updates to the algorithms and artificial intelligence to the processor.

Even better? It’s only $139/mo!

This looks promising and we’ll keep you posted once we test them.