International Women’s Day

This International Women’s Day we would like to recognize a woman who changed the Audiology profession and inspired us to enjoy life to the fullest: Dr. Marion Downs. Dr. Downs started Universal Newborn Hearing Screening at a time when children were not diagnosed and fit with hearing aids until they were three years old.

Going against the establishment 50 years ago, she identified hearing loss and fit infants with hearing aids. Because of her, babies born today are screened for hearing loss and early intervention is standard, preventing speech problems, language delays and other issues.

Dr. Downs was a visionary and leader among her peers who advocated for the hearing impaired even at 100 years old! Her book “Shut Up and Live: A 93-year old’s guide to living to a ripe old age” is a great read on a “life well lived.” Dr. Dokianakis noted: “I was privileged to have known her and continue to be inspired by her.

An Audiology pioneer, an amazing woman, a role-model and inspiration to all of us on how to enjoy life.” #IWD2019

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