Holland Doctors of Audiology Voted Best Hearing Protection Musicians Drummers

Drumming can damage hearing!

Congratulations Avalon School for the Arts! Your instructors set the right example for students by using musician-grade hearing protection. ~ Play loud, have fun, hear for life! ~ Professional custom filtered earplugs for musicians will save your hearing for life! Hearing Aids and Tinnitus are preventable!

Noise Induced Hearing Loss and Tinnitus are preventable

Noise Induced Hearing Loss and Tinnitus are 100% preventable.

Preventing hearing loss and tinnitus is one of the best parts of our job! Thank you Lakeshore Home Builders Association for the opportunity to talk about healthy hearing for life! We were especially happy to answer so many great questions. ~ Noise Induced Hearing Loss is 100% preventable. Prevent needing hearing aids! Avoid Noise-induced Tinnitus! If you are not protecting your ears …

Kids Food Basket and Holland Doctors of Audiology

Kids’ Food Basket

Thank you for an overwhelming response to our Kids’ Food Basket drive. We have donated over $6,000, collected several big boxes worth of food items, and decorated so many brown paper lunch bags! 1 in 5 kids is affected by hunger in West Michigan ? Thank you for joining in a community solution to childhood hunger. Congratulations Kids’ Food Basket …

Proud to Sponsor “Unnecessary Farce” at the SCA!

You will laugh until you cry and will NOT be able to understand most of what the ‘Scotsman’ says! We dare you to try! ? We are proud to sponsor this amazingly funny Saugatuck Center for the Arts production of Unnecessary Farce. ? For clearest sound, make sure your hearing devices can connect to the Loop system; feel free to …

Tinnitus & Pets:

ADOPT ME!!! l will offer unconditional companionship and tons of affection to my human! ? The benefits of animal companionship and relaxation in helping with tinnitus are significant. This month we are happy to SPONSOR one ADOPTION of an adult cat from Best Pals Animal Rescue Center​. Find the right furry companion and we will cover the adoption fees! Check …

Happy Mother’s Day!

This Mother’s Day remember to consider loved ones with hearing difficulties. Raise your voice gently without yelling, be patient, face her, enunciate & speak more slowly, rephrase instead of repeating, turn down TV/music to help her hear you more easily. We love helping you hear your favorite voices; hearing loss doesn’t have to separate us from loved ones. ~ Happy …

Turning Orange: Tulip Time 2019!

It’s the 90th Anniversary of Tulip Time and Holland is turning Orange! Check out orange tulips of different varieties, Dutch dancing, parades and carnival food. Our favorite is Elephant ears! What’s your favorite Tulip Time Festival memory? Let us know on our facebook page and we’ll enter you to win a set of ‘Holland Memories’ books. Enjoy Tulip Time!