Holland Sentinel publishes our Letter to the Editor Regarding Dangerous Classroom Sound Levels.

To The Editor: I am writing as an audiologist and concerned parent regarding the Saugatuck Public Schools’ May 7 bond proposal. One of the proposed improvements is for the band room. With almost 100 students in band, the current band space is not just inadequate, but unsafe. The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health has established guidelines for preventing …

Tinnitus Sound Therapy Levo

LEVO: Clinically Proven Tinnitus Management.

We are excited to be first to bring LEVO to West Michigan! This new clinically proven tinnitus sound therapy system holds great promise. Providing sounds while you sleep, the goal of LEVO is to desensitize the brain to your individual tinnitus sound!>>> Did you know that tinnitus is the #1 reported disability affecting most veterans?