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Work-related hearing loss? What now?

Dr. Dokianakis, who has worked with occupational and workers’ compesation hearing loss cases for over 20 years, was recently quoted in this HealthyHearing article. Workplace hearing loss is something we take very seriously and can help you avoid it, improve your hearing, reduce tinnitus and, if applicable, help with compensation issues.

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Tinnitus and Pets?

It’s #tinnitusweek2021 and we would like to highlight role of pet therapy in tinnitus treatment. Stress and anxiety do not cause tinnitus but can make it worse. Finding ways to relax and be mindful helps with tinnitus. Caring for a pet and their companionship is shown to reduce stress, anxiety and improve mood. Pets not only show empathy and can …

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American Board of Audiology – Tinnitus Certified

Did you know that Dr. Crossland and Dr. Dokianakis are two of only nine Audiologists in Michigan who have earned the American Board of Audiology’s Tinnitus Certification? Tinnitus (ringing/buzzing in the ears) is something that can range from mildly annoying to truly debilitating. Assessing tinnitus to rule out pathology and to help you improve it is something we take very …

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Congratulations Dr. Crossland!

Did you hear? Dr. Natalie Crossland has successfully completed the American Board of Audiology Tinnitus certification! Tinnitus (ringing/buzzing in the ears) is something that can have significant negative effects of daily life and, in some cases, can be a sign of other pathology. Assessing tinnitus and helping you improve it is something we take very seriously. We take pride in …

9/11 Cancer and Ototoxicity for FIrst responders


On another somber anniversary of 9/11, we would like to remember the first responders: 343 firefighters, 71 police officers, 8 EMTs and paramedics sacrificed their lives to help others. Thousands more rushed to Ground Zero to help, breathing in toxic carcinogenic dust. Over 2500 now have cancer. Among other problems, ototoxicity from chemotherapy treatments is causing hearing loss and tinnitus. …

Fireworks Hearing Loss and Tinnitus Safety Precautions Holland Doctors of Audiology

Happy & Safe 4th!

This 4th of July most big fireworks shows have been cancelled due to COVID. However, it is very likely that most of us will have some fireworks going off nearby. Beyond any social distancing safety precautions, don’t forget that sound levels from fireworks can reach levels that cause hearing problems and ringing in the ears. Some sound safety tips to …

Tinnitus Anxiety Stress Management and Reduction

Is tinnitus better, worse or the same during this challenging time?

The American Tinnitus Association’s Spring issue on mental health offers wonderful insights and helpful advice. Timing couldn’t be better and, especially now, we can all benefit from managing stress and anxiety! There are many clinically proven tinnitus treatments. Calming the mind is relevant, whether you have tinnitus or not, so please share with anyone who may be struggling during this time. …

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Pets can help your Tinnitus Therapy!

Stella was at BestPals Animal Rescue Center for over a year. Now, she is completely devoted to her 9 year old human, who can’t imagine life without her. Even if you don’t decorate pictures you take of your pet 😉  there is no doubt that our furry friends make us feel better! Pets can not only show empathy and understand our emotions, but …