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Henry’s Pocket!

Did you know about that little pouch-like pocket in the base of cats ears? The purpose of “Henry’s pocket” is unclear but it may be something that helps cats better detect and localize high-pitched sounds. Cats can pick up higher-pitched sounds of up to 1.6 octaves above the human range and one octave above the range of canines. So, in …

Fireworks Hearing Loss and Tinnitus Safety Precautions Holland Doctors of Audiology

Happy & Safe 4th!

This 4th of July most big fireworks shows have been cancelled due to COVID. However, it is very likely that most of us will have some fireworks going off nearby. Beyond any social distancing safety precautions, don’t forget that sound levels from fireworks can reach levels that cause hearing problems and ringing in the ears. Some sound safety tips to …

Tinnitus Anxiety Stress Management and Reduction

Is tinnitus better, worse or the same during this challenging time?

The American Tinnitus Association’s Spring issue on mental health offers wonderful insights and helpful advice. Timing couldn’t be better and, especially now, we can all benefit from managing stress and anxiety! Calming the mind is relevant, whether you have tinnitus or not, so please share with anyone who may be struggling during this time. Stay well. Click Here for the full …

“We are blessed to live in a wonderful community. During this difficult time, helping fight hunger and food insecurity is within our power.”– Dr. Stelios Dokianakis #StayHomeFightHunger #StayInHelpOut

Holland Doctors of Audiology Voted Best Hearing Protection Musicians Drummers

Drumming can damage hearing!

Congratulations Avalon School for the Arts! Your instructors set the right example for students by using musician-grade hearing protection. ~ Play loud, have fun, hear for life! ~ Professional custom filtered earplugs for musicians will save your hearing for life!

Kids Food Basket and Holland Doctors of Audiology

Kids’ Food Basket

Thank you for an overwhelming response to our Kids’ Food Basket drive. We have donated over $6,000, collected several big boxes worth of food items, and decorated so many brown paper lunch bags! 1 in 5 kids is affected by hunger in West Michigan 😢 Thank you for joining in a community solution to childhood hunger. Congratulations Kids’ Food Basket …